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With our solar applications you can obtain freedom from high fuel costs while protecting the environment.

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Our customized designs allows for any university, hotel and office complex to engage the power of the sun.

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We offer the finest, high efficiency water heaters and boilers for commercial and residential applications.


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Solar Skies Mfg. Installs the One and Only Full Plate Laser Welder in the United States

For well over one year, Solar Skies has been working on a new absorber plate to offer to the marketplace in addition to our durable, venerable copper fin-tube absorber plates which we will always continue to build. Solar Skies has added laser welding capabilities by installing the first and only full plate laser welder in the United States. The benefits of this technology are:

Aluminum Absorber Plates – Using laser welding technology, Solar Skies is not only able to weld copper absorber plates but to also manufacture full sheet aluminum absorber plates which will be less volatile in price. Laser welding makes it possible to join dissimilar metals such as aluminum and copper in a manner that eliminates concerns of thermal expansion and corrosion. By increasing the thickness of the aluminum plate we also get comparable thermal transfer to copper while still maintaining a cost advantage.

Expanded Selective Surface Coatings – An indirect benefit of having a laser welder is that we are now able to manufacture with a broad spectrum of coatings such as selective surfaces using advanced application methods such as physical vapor deposition (PVD) for consistency and cost control, as well as lower cost painted options.

Different Sized Absorber Plates – Another advantage to the laser welder is that we can now build virtually any size absorber plate to meet our customer needs and future design trends. For larger absorber plates the thicker aluminum sheet provides a stronger “backbone” for support.

Made in America – While aluminum absorbers with copper tubes are the standard in Europe, these have not been manufactured in the US previously. Today Solar Skies Mfg., LLC has the only full plate laser welder in the US or Canada. We are excited to bring this previously outsourced work content back into the US for use in our own solar thermal collectors and as an OEM absorber plate supplier to other manufacturers.