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Cardinal Heating focusing on Solar Thermal

Cardinal Heating has completed many nice solar thermal projects using Solar Skies Solar Thermal Collectors. Visit above link to view many their many solar theramal installs.
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Energy Concepts helps Wigwam Mills go solar! []

Wigwam Mills, a Wisconsin Sock Manufacturer goes solar with the help of Energy Concepts, Steiner Plumbing & Electirc and Hot Water Products all from Wisconsin.
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It’s Sunny at Chet’s Plumbing and Heating []

It’s Sunny at CPH
Alternative energy is becoming more appealing as energy costs and environmental concerns rise. Chet’s is on the forefront of solar technology and embrace it’s use as a viable and cost-effective energy source for homes and businesses. Chet’s brings your solar installation years of plumbing and heating experience, plus the passion of our employees, who use this technology daily in their own homes and in our company buildings.
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Solar Thermal Products
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Solar thermal systems:
generate hot water and space heating for homes, apartment complexes and commercial businesses.
heat water 80% less expensively than when using photovoltaic systems for same purpose.
interface seamlessly with radiant floor heating systems.
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