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Solar Water Heating number 2 in top technologies with most promise for homes in 2007 []

The Top 10 Technologies are selected by PATH due to their strengths in one or more of the following areas: quality and durability; energy efficiency; environmental performance; safety and disaster mitigation; and affordability.
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Solar Water Heating: A comprehensive guide to to solar water and space heating systems []

a book by Bob Ramlow with Benjamin Nusz (both from Wisconsin)

Heating water with the sun is almost as old as humankind itself, and it is done all over the world. Yet there are strangely few resources on the topic in North America.

The Solar Water Heating book fills this gap…

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India claims 9th position in world for deploying solar thermal energy systems []

Last two years have been significant for the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) as many innovative measures were initiated and new schemes launched to accelerate utilisation and exploitation of the New and Renewable Energy Sources of Energy (NRSE). As a result, the Renewable Energy Sector is increasingly assuming a greater role in providing grid power to the Nation as its total capacities reached about 8,000 MW and India attaining Fourth position in wind power in the world with more than 5,300 MW capacity from wind power alone.
India attains 2nd position in biogas plants, 7th position in Solar Photovoltaic Cell production and 9th position in Solar Thermal Systems. Indian photovoltaic industry has exported 95 MW of solar cells and modules to European countries, USA, Australia and other countries in last 2 years. There has been large deployment of renewable energy devices and systems to meet cooking, lighting, water heating, motive power and meeting captive power requirements in rural, urban, industrial and commercial sectors…

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Solar thermal systems:
generate hot water and space heating for homes, apartment complexes and commercial businesses.
heat water 80% less expensively than when using photovoltaic systems for same purpose.
interface seamlessly with radiant floor heating systems.
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